Yesterday morning, I watched the Cohen testify before the House that our president is a liar, a cheat, a racist, a fraud, and a huckster. He said that Donald Trump never planned on being president and saw the campaign as a way to further his brand.

And none of us were surprised.

Yet, it was fairly awful to hear those things from someone who knew him pretty well. Even though that Cohen himself is a world class pig. He’s clearly trying to figure out how to resuscitate his own image, so he can have a job after he goes to prison for three years. He no longer can practice law.

Will it make a difference? Is there enough info that can be used to impeach and convict the president?

Some say no, because Cohen said that the president was careful to never clearly state his intent to his lawyer. It was all implied.

And Trump’s followers were told by his media minions to not watch the testimony. It was stunning to hear his defenders in the House try to undermine Cohen and state their outrage. In my liberal bubble, I didn’t know even the names of the Representatives who defended him.

I missed the afternoon questions that came from the new hotshot representatives, like AOC and Tailb, but the buzz afterwards was positive. I hear they did well.

I simply don’t understand his supporters. I tried asked one about his defense of Trump and why he didn’t watch the testimony, but my question was quickly discarded in the name of family harmony.

Okay. Predictions. What’s going to happen next?

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  1. Will it make a difference? Is there enough info that can be used to impeach and convict the president?

    No, but not because Trump did something wrong. It’s because the MAGA-maggots in the Republican party will hang with them because, fundamentally, they are all him.


  2. I’m not sure why the family harmony was going to break down. Is it the Trump supporters or the Trump opponents who are lacking in civility? In my experience, it tends to be more the latter, although I know plenty of people on all sides who are capable of civility.

    I didn’t watch the hearing, not because of orders from the Party, but because I have to work. As for predictions, I believe there is established precedent, endorsed by noted intellectuals like Arthur Schlesinger, that a president cannot be impeached for sexual peccadilloes (or for covering up sexual peccadilloes). The violation of this rule by the House Republicans cost them at the polls.


  3. On MSNBC last night, Donnie Deutsch said that this is all going to end in a RICO prosecution of the Trump Organization.


  4. I am a little surprised that Republican congressmen aren’t turning on Trump in time to give Pence a shot at election in 2020.

    But since they aren’t, I would say nothing will happen, for now, except that the powers that be will wait until after he’s out of office to prosecute.

    I worry a lot about what the 2020 election will look like if Trump is trying to win to buy enough time to declare emergencies and start wars to fend off the inevitable post-office prosecution.


  5. Nothing will happen, except the slow burn of the underbush. I think that burn did contribute to the Democratic wins in the House, and, ultimately, I think that’s how change will come about — through the undermining of the Republicans and gains of Democrats. The Republicans have ceded the party to Trump (though I will note the 2 Republican women representing Washington state voted with the Dems on the Emergency declaration). The Senate loss in Florida was a counterexample to the path, but I remain hopeful.

    I also didn’t watch the hearings because it turns my stomach to listen to the description of the very ugly man the country has elected as President and to watch the determined attempts of the Republicans to look away at what they’ve done.


    1. I don’t find “he’s a known liar” that convincing of a rebuttal when it comes from the people who also employed that liar during and after the time those lies were told.


  6. I’ve been home all week with Death Flu, but I didn’t watch the testimony. I watched two seasons of Shetland.


      1. That’s good advice. I’m feeling a little better, so I’m adding in white bread with butter.


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