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IMG_8356.jpgSlapped alongside the head with a sniffly cold, I’ve been somewhat horizontal these past two days. I’ve been reading a lot on the sofa propped up by mismatched cushions and nubby throw blankets. Always a lukewarm cup of tea by my side.

Here are some of things that I’ve read:

Edward Gorey is bizarrely awesome. It is somewhat curious that the author doesn’t explore the possibility that he had an ASD considering the amount of time that he writes about Gorey’s anti-social behavior.

This book review should come with a trigger warning. After reading it, you will have an irrational need to apply Clorox wipes to entire house, while knowing that you are making the situation entirely worse.

Jonah has got us all hooked on Vikings.

All my friends are watching “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” on Netflix. I’m going to watch it, after I finishing typing up this post.

Photo: Last summer, Jonah was a bus boy at a hipster pizza place. He’s chatting with my dad. 


11 thoughts on “SL 743

    1. Hah. That’s funny. I have been feeling a strange sense of satisfaction from thanking my items for their service before throwing them away. There’s a NYT article ( that advises *not* touching your items, though. I wish people would do an experiment, and not just spout off.


    2. That’s very funny. “Replace your couch with a pile of the least frustrated lentils you can find; no more than seven lentils.” Right now I’m having a FB conversation with a number of friends about this very show and I posted it there.


  1. The Marie Kondo show tired me out. I watched an episode and it felt like homework, and not the good kind of homework. Watch Mrs. Maisel instead, though I think season 2 is weaker than the fabulous season 1.


  2. I still remember the Carol Burnett “Gone with the Wind” sketch. I thought it was funny, but my mom about fell out of her chair laughing when Burnett came down dressed in the curtains. She never laughed like that watching any other TV show that I saw.


  3. Just started watching Marie Kondo. Am paused on the subtitled screen that says “[my goal] is to spark joy in the world through tidying.” and paused because I was startled by the fact that we are watching a non-english speaking Japanese woman show us how to “tidy”. She is intensely Japanese.


  4. I.e. another data point in the end of the American century. My kiddo has followed (and informed me) about a You Tube tempest about “pewdie-pie v T-series”, i.e. a battle over whether a Swedish you tuber or a Indian Bollywood music label will have the most subscribers.


    1. The biggest data point on the end of the American century took a break from dismantling the things that made America strong to rant about about Wall last night.


  5. I highly recommend the Edward Gorey House on Cape Cod:

    Closed until April 11th. Gorey left the contents of his house, with an endowment, to the house museum. What a quirky individual he was! If you think he made things up, well, he didn’t really. Many of his objects were drawn from life–and the house has the objects.


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