SL 741

Domino is one of my favorite place for home decor inspiration. The house of the founder of Minted is pretty cool.

Good advice for writing a nonfiction book.

I love that writers are being invited to talk shows.

I’ve been completely haunted all week, by this story about mentally ill people who were deinstitutionalized and dumped into housing in New York City. Many died.


Photo: I scanned in some old negatives from our honeymoon in Morocco. Just playing with them this morning.

6 thoughts on “SL 741

  1. It’s interesting that the deinstitutionalization is still proceeding like there isn’t a whole generation of history from which to draw lessons before acting.


    1. Saves rich people a lot of taxes, and the unpleasant behavior of the deinstitutionalized people mostly occurs in places where rich people don’t go. This is … overdetermined!


    2. It’s easy to dismiss the result as purely financial, but it’s a more complicated mix of rights, resources, and disregard. I don’t think we have grappled as society with decision making by adults with diminished mental capacity (mental illness, dementia, cognitive decline, cognitive disabilities).


      1. I’m not even sure it saves money overall. Successful placement in community housing, even with lots of support, is far cheaper than reinstitutionalization (which is going to happen for some regardless).


      2. I think it’s one of those bootlegger/Baptist coalitions: saves money which suits conservatives, fits with certain ideological preconceptions of liberals.


      3. That was certainly the case in the 60s, but it’s been decades since there has been any appreciable amount of liberal support for the strict Szaszian position.


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