SL 725

NBC is very nervous about Ronan Farrow is going to say about them. Good!

Enough with the open floor plans already! But foldable houses are totally cool.

Going to college is a gamble and people should be informed about the risks — no degree, but tons of debt. From the New York Times:

People who have dropped out of college — about 40 percent of all who attend — earn only a bit more than do people with only a high school education: $38,376 a year versus $35,256. For many, that advantage is barely enough to cover their student loan debt.

Drezner writes about Tom Wolfe in the Washington Post, with a nice shout out to me.

Great article in National Geographic about what happens to the plastic we throw out.


9 thoughts on “SL 725

  1. Ah open floor plans. My 100 year old house has an old fashioned layout of living and dining room with pocket doors and a kitchen that is a separate room. It’s actually quite nice as we hosted thanksgiving and no one had to look at the mess in the kitchen.


    1. One of the Chicago papers posted a pic of the wedding coach with the header “Northwestern grad marries British guy”… Not quite as good as ‘Fog covers channel, Continent cut off’, but pretty damn good, in my view!


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