A New Day

Yesterday, I planned on rebooting my work schedule for the spring. One project needs a new home, and I need to pull together new projects for the various venues places that I publish. But I was defeated by extreme weather in the Age of Global Warming.

The skies opened up, and the streets flooded. After an hour of waiting for Ian’s bus, I gave up and drove him, which is an hour round trip. Then his school’s parking lot flooded, so his school was let out after lunch period. Between shuttling Ian back and forth and prepping for his 16th birthday party — a small family thing at a local Chinese restaurant — not much happened work-wise.

In the old days, work-day washouts were more frequent. There was always some emergency that surrounded the boys, which made a flexible job a necessity. Now, these events are rare, but are still frustrating. I didn’t sleep much last night, because I was writing in my head. I have to purge those words during the day, so I can sleep at night. Sigh, it’s tough being neurotic.

So, it’s Tuesday, but it feels like a Monday. I’m making lists and taking notes. And blogging. More to come.

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