Back to public status.


29 thoughts on “Privacy

    1. I might change the settings back after a week or two. Not sure how this blog will impact certain career opportunities. I have to think things through.


  1. I had to add numbers to my real fake name, af. Hope there is nothing to worry about! On the up side, looking forward to reports of your swanky life as a high-profile journalist.


  2. Yeah, nothing bad. Just worried that opportunities will get screwed up because I put too many unedited ideas out there for too long. On the other hand, the blog might help my brand. Not sure. I just want to lay low for a week to play it safe.


    1. I don’t claim to be a representative consumer, but I would never have come to read your Atlantic articles without knowing your work from the blog.


  3. I’ve long found that Atlantic comments become disrespectful and a waste of time very quickly.

    I hope other long-time posters work their way through the security.


    1. cranberry said,

      “I’ve long found that Atlantic comments become disrespectful and a waste of time very quickly.”

      Not to mention completely off-topic.


  4. The Atlantic closed its comment section on its website, because the commenters were too crazy and nobody at the Atlantic read them. It probably led to a decrease in traffic, but it increased the civility of the place.

    I shutdown the blog temporarily not because of anything that happened. It was more worries about what could happen.


  5. I did not miss the Atlantic comments after they shut them down. I think the only times I really engaged in comment threads there was in TNC’s early writing about the Civil War. (Now that was a great comment community!)


    1. I loved that TNC thread too, and some of his other ones were also great. One of the best possible uses of the internet. (We should make a list of these, now that we know how many bad uses there are.) How did he manage that? He must have had someone moderate it full time to keep away the trolls.


  6. I’m a very long-time reader (I found you via Invisible Adjunct) and I panicked when I saw you’d gone private.


  7. It does seem to be taking some of us a bit to get here. I hope they make it! I always read, even if I don’t comment much. I think since almost the beginning–certainly the early noughts. I missed it when you stopped before. Is it possible to have a blog with certain parts hidden and private and other parts public, or would it have to be two different blogs?


  8. Because I have lots of stuff I could share about my CRAZY corner of academia. My university almost closed this year. There is a good chance it will close next year. I escaped due to a clause in our CBA. Starting at another institution in our system next fall. That’s enough for MH to guess where I work.


  9. I miss you every time you need to take a break or maintain radio silence. But, I’m always pulling for you to find the next chapters in your life that give you meaning and joy.


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