When Work is Done

I’m done. Poke me with a fork. Finished.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I did a rush-job article for the Atlantic, which basically involved siting at my desk for 24 hours straight. Some of the time was spent writing. Other time was spent waiting for edits, responding to edits, and fact checking. But all it involved lots of seat time and screen time. And then there was dealing with the response to the article on social media and compulsively checking to see where I was on their “most popular” list. I peaked at number two. Woot.

I was just happy that I had the opportunity to use the word “wanker” in an article.

While all that was going on, I did two interviews for a possible article on Newark Public Schools. So, lots of work. I’ve decided to cool it for the rest of the week, and just do mom and house stuff.

We’re starting work on a new kitchen and family room in two weeks. It’s official now. Two weeks. So, now I’m selling off some of old stuff on Craig’s List. The old wood burning stove went for $250 to some Russians who came in from Brooklyn to pick it up. That sold pretty quickly. I was surprised. It’s from the 1980s and had a little rust on the top. But it went quickly. I want to see if I can unload our old dishwasher next.

I picked out most of the items that we need, but haven’t bought them yet. We’ll do that this Saturday. We’re doing wood-grained tile on the floor, white subway tile on the backsplash, grey quartz countertop for part of the room, butcher block on the other side of the room, and black knobs and pulls. It’s a basic farmhouse kitchen, nothing fancy or original. I just need a change from the dark, dirty, and increasingly broken kitchen that we have right now.

The family room is just getting reorganized and cleaned up. We’ll get a newer wood-burning stove, because Steve is a pyro.

I’m in super-girlie mode now, after two or three weeks of non-stop work. I’m getting a manicure tomorrow, for sure. I went out shopping and lunching with my sister this afternoon and picked up some fun things at William Sonoma — Chilewich placemats, a new meat thermometer, and some new utensils. Then we drove over to the new Wegman’s to explore. Yes, checking out a new supermarket is super weird suburban mom fun. Don’t judge.

I’m going to continue the girlie vacation tomorrow with a spin class, trips to Ann Taylor to check out this dress and Target for these purses, time with Lightroom to fiddle with my photographs, and lots of pop culture reading (check out this interview with Quincy Jones).

5 thoughts on “When Work is Done

  1. EPA is tightening the requirements for wood stoves — you are going to be immersing yourself in catalytic versus afterburner, grams per hour, etc. Pay attention also to how you will be loading it (my view is that top loading is by far the easiest, you don’t want a stove which doesn’t let you do that).


  2. Oooh, news about the upcoming renovation! (I was going to write “reno” but it felt “fake cool”, sigh…)

    I’m really curious about the wood grain tiles — are they ceramic tiles? My friend put these thick vynil tiles that required actual grout. I need to decide what flooring to use when we finally redo our kitchen. You’re getting new cabinets, right?

    I can’t wait to see it!!

    I love your girlie vacation, particularly the Ann & Taylor dress — classy! And the purse. Enjoy! You deserve it!


    1. Thanks. We doing the porcelain tiles. I’m a little worried about them because we’ll pulling down a wall and they are going to butt against the hardwood. Let’s see how it goes.


  3. I was just happy that I had the opportunity to use the word “wanker” in an article.

    That was the first thing I noticed.


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