SL 705

editing, writing, and interviewing. Lots of it. Some good things in the hopper.

Right now, I’m reading all the links on this Lawyers, Guns, and Money post on Glenn Greenwald. I kinda want to hear how he lives in Rio. I think he’s an asshole.

Freelancers are especially susceptible to sexual harassment. “As I followed my interview schedule around New York, from coffee shop to hipper coffee shop and then to various lovely Airbnb-bookable lofts, the workers I met from the 1099 economy (1099, because the money arrives piecemeal, rather than through W-2 employment) spoke often about making do with limited recourse.”

Are additives in our food making us fat and throwing off my calorie counter on my Fitbit. Which, incidentally, thought that I was sleeping today, because I didn’t get up from the computer for four hours straight.


17 thoughts on “SL 705

      1. Wendy said:

        “One of the more amusing moments in my New Media class int he fall was when I explained sockpuppets to my students. They had no idea.”



      2. “I know people who sockpuppet their Rate my Professor reviews.”

        My sister-in-law gives my brother a chili pepper every year for his birthday.


  1. I have a big article coming out in the Atlantic on textbooks. I think it will come out on Monday. We’re just finishing edits on it today. And Monday, I’m also going to Newark to interview Cory Booker about the Zuckerberg reform in Newark schools. Should be interesting.


      1. MH said:

        “Wow. That’s big time. I mean interviewing a senator, but the textbook article will probably hit big. That’s just gotten out of hand.”

        Yeah, you know a lot of people care about that and know about it and will want to share it.


    1. Yay! So will you also discuss your Senate run? 🙂 I hope I’m not being too annoying. I feel weirdly proud of you and what you are accomplishing, even though I am not your mom or mentor.


      1. Laura has been such a winsome blogress over the years, that the normal envy and resentment one feels at others’ success is totally eliminated.


      2. Oh, thank you, guys. I plug along the best that I can. I’m really just a SAHM in New Jersey who does some writing in between trips to Kumon and loads of laundry.


    2. we are paying big dollars for textbooks. I am unconvinced that they have to cost so much. Textbook cartel overlords are living large on the beach in Uruguay while we shiver up her cold and broke, that’s my view.


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