Gift Guide 2017 – Workout Gear

I go to the gym every morning. My commute is about 50 feet to my computer, so if I don’t work out, bad things happen. Not every day is super productive; today, I did a mile and a half while watching Oceans 11. But it’s better than nothing.

Here’s what I’m wearing and using:

Unknown.jpeg71ZjV1vN9-L._SX522_.jpgrunning pants.pngrunning jacket.png



5 thoughts on “Gift Guide 2017 – Workout Gear

  1. Now, you COULD have an Instant Pot cooking a meal back at the house while you were at the gym, no need to watch over it… that would mean the Instant Pot could kinda sorta count as workout gear?


  2. Are compression socks and leggings a runner thing, or a fancy, trend-I-haven’t-heard-of thing?

    I need new yoga pants. Plain, black, cotton, stretchy, and comfy is surprisingly hard to find.

    Did you see the Gilmore Girls reboot with the bit about Wild? Very funny.


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