Asheville and Travel

Steve and I are similar travelers. We like to get lost. We like to spend long hours reading all the little signs belong paintings in art museums. We like to eat. We like to find cool places to read books. I like talking with new people, and he likes to listen to us. He tolerates my photography.

I’m purging pictures to free up memory on my computer right now. I need a new computer, but I’m not heading back into the hellhole of Black Friday. We idiotically went to the mall at 9:30 this morning. I flipped off so many drivers in the parking lot that Ian started calling me, “Super Curse-y.” Rude hand gestures are my superpower. The lines in Hollister went out of the store, so we left. Jonah can buy his size 29 pants on line. And I can wait for a new computer.

Reviewing these pictures, I’m reminded of all the little trips that we took this year. Philadelphia, Lake George, Asheville. We’re hoping to do a two-week trip to Europe next year, if we have any money left after putting in a new kitchen.

Here are some pictures of our trip to Asheville. I highly recommend the Biltmore, open mic nights for bluegrass music, and hipster barbeque joints.

3 thoughts on “Asheville and Travel

  1. Don’t purge your pictures! Buy an external hard drive for them. Or even better, buy a drive, and also setup an online backup. That way you’ll have lots of space and also decent protection against hardware failure.


    1. Yes, you can get external 4T hard drives for $100, which I suspect will last you forever. 1T drives are $50. an external drive (and you should get two, one as a backup) are a worthwhile investment.


      1. I have one that’s backing up my harddrive right now. I’m just too paranoid to delete pictures from my harddrive and rely on the external drive.

        My iMac is five years old. Other than having absolutely no space on it, it works just fine. Still I might go pay 1K for a new one tomorrow, because this computer is my livelihood. When I get the spinning pinwheels of death, it interferes with the writing stuff.


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