Managing The Hats

I’m juggling three different freelance jobs, as well as the usual family, local politics, and house responsibilities. I have a lot of different hats. I should probably focus on one job, but I like the variety. Every week, I pick out one goal for the week. Last week, I wrote an essay and sent it out. This week, I had a ton of kid management and local chores, so I didn’t plan any writing. I’m mostly done with those jobs, so I’m gearing up for next week’s writing project.

It’s sometimes hard to wrench myself out of the details of the kid’s schedule and school board meetings and think about life outside of the five block radius around my house. It especially hard when my little plants are starting to poke their heads out of the soil; they need some love and attention. On a rainy damp day, I would love to just read my book in the living room armchair. But I have a good article in the back of my head that’s nagging me. I do need to write it up and send it to the Atlantic.

Let me blog this morning to get back into the swing of things.