Spreadin’ Love 677

I’ve been hustling words for the past couple of weeks, because I’m combining my Atlantic gig with work for the education website, Edutopia. They are going to start running original feature articles on education policy later this month. The website is funded by the George Lucas Foundation, so I’m fulfilling my high school dream of working for the Star Wars dude. I also wrote two articles and three blog posts for the Atlantic this month.

I just finished my last interview for the day. I’m tidied up some loose ends, and then I’m walking away from the computer. Yesterday was a 14-hour day. I think that’s enough.

So, let me throw out some links for you guys to gnaw on.

I’m sure you all know about Brangelina.

Hundreds of thousands of disabled people are not receiving their government benefits for college.

Bryce Covert writes that working mothers have achieved a major cultural battle. Even the Republicans think that mothers should be in the workplace and deserve support.

No one in tech will admit that they are old.

Ah, New Yorkers. They solve crimes their way and aren’t rattled by bombs.

Andrew Sullivan says that technology has made us information addicts.

16 thoughts on “Spreadin’ Love 677

  1. I bet that a guy who can find a suitcase on the street, pull out a pressure cooker covered in wires, and just walk away can lead a really happy life. Somebody should make a self-help book based on the idea.


  2. I’ve spoke favorably of tech careers here over the last several years, but I have to admit that articles like this (and the fact that my gray hears grow faster than my “normal” ones) will probably drive me to dye my beard.

    As I advance into my 40s, I’m starting to pay attention to subdomains (consulting, sales engineering) of tech in which age appears to be an asset rather than a liability. (It doesn’t hurt one’s confidence to work with technical collaborators with septuagenarians who put lie to any equation of youth with technical competence.)


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