Does Paul Ryan Have the Worst Job Ever?

Alright. I’m back on track. As I said in a comment section, finding a school for Ian this spring has been a monumental pain in the ass. HUUUUUGGGEEE time suck and emotional drain. I had yet another meeting this morning to help finalize decisions, but a key person cancelled out after I already gone to the school and was waiting in a conference room. So, now we’re another week away from dealing with this nonsense.

I need a few hours to remember what I was writing last week and get back to it.

In the meantime, let’s talk about Paul Ryan. Does he have the worst job ever?

On the Sunday morning shows, Ryan was miserable. I think he’s written off the presidency in November and is in damange control mode. He has to keep the Republican party from self immolation. The smart people in the party have become the slaves to the kooks. They can’t afford to cut them lose, but they also can’t let them run the show. Ryan can’t come out and say that Trump is an asshole, but his eyes say help like a hostage victim on TV.

4 thoughts on “Does Paul Ryan Have the Worst Job Ever?

  1. I don’t know if they’ve become slaves to the kooks or if they are so focused on winning at all costs that they’ll back Trump rather than give up for this go around. And by backing Trump, they won’t necessarily speak up for him but they won’t speak up against him either. It’s a race to the bottom. I’m certainly no Republican (or right of centre) but the elegant and thoughtful Republicans of years past must be rolling in their graves.

    The two positives that have come out of all of this mess are this: first, the covert racism and nativism is now overt and can be dealt with directly. Fewer dog whistles required as they’ve become emboldened to speak out. And second, the disruption to the middle class and working class as a result of moving jobs offshore (and the anger) will hopefully be addressed.


  2. I don’t believe for a second that he thought Trump would be the nominee when he reluctantly agreed to take the job of speaker (and I am inclined to believe that he was reluctant).


  3. “The smart people in the party have become the slaves to the kooks. ”

    All five of them, at least three of whom comment here.


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