Traveling Tales

Last week, we had a quick, three-day escape to Puerto Rico.

We’re huge fans of Puerto Rico. It’s super easy to get there from New York City.  With so many former New Yorkers there, it feels very familiar. It’s like the Bronx with beaches. There are historical buildings and forts to visit. And there’s a row of great restaurants right out the door of the hotel, so you’re not captive to a boring resort.

But the boys got a stomach virus. For 24 hours, I was stuck in the hotel room with a puking kid. We were planning on renting a car and spending a day exploring the island. Yeah, that didn’t happen.

And when we came home, we found that one of our pipes had burst in the -2 degree weather. Luckily, the pipe, which provided water to the baseboard heaters, burst right over a shower stall. The water trickled into the shower from the light fixture and then went promptly down the drain. There was hardly any damage.

When the plumbers came to fix the pipe, they said that part of the problem was that our boiler was old and was pushing air bubbles through the pipes. So, we had to shell out 5 grand for a new boiler.

Glass half full report — We went to PR where every day was sunny and 85 degrees. I drank pina coladas at 10am and read a half dozen books.

Glass half empty report — Vomit and pipes.

I think we’ll go with the half full report.

With everyone still recovering from stomach illnesses, I canceled all the plans for the weekend. I’m hunkering down with a cup of tea and getting a headstart on next week’s article. I also feel like blogging, so I’ll jumpstart a conversation about Trump and Bernie in another blog post.

3 thoughts on “Traveling Tales

  1. Sorry you had some rough parts of your vacation and return. I’ve given up internet commenting for Lent (this is my second since Ash Wednesday). It’s hard. I’m either going to develop self-control or I’ll start insulting people on Facebook. Hopefully the former, because Facebook people (most of them), know where I live.


  2. I Missed this post till I saw MH’s comment. Yay for PR! Boo for vomit! My sister just got back from Belize and she was knocked out for a day by some sort of stomach thing. But she had 3 other days that looked glorious. I wish my husband would agree to go to warm beachy areas and let me sit on the beach and drink instead of making me bike and hike and kayak.


    1. Wendy,

      Do they have lighthouses in those “beachy” locations?

      Major vacations do seem to bring out the bugs.


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