Happy Thanksgiving!!

IMG_3052Hi, guys. I’m in usual OCD mode before the holidays with recipe binders and lists. Lots of lists. The good thing is we’re mostly ready before guests arrive at about 3.

I’ve been missing the blog chatter lately. I might have to remedy that.

Happy Thanksgiving!


7 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!!

  1. I’m at my sister’s; we were planning a low-key dinner for just the five of us (including two kids), but every hour that went by last night there was a new dish that was added to our menu. We got turkey from Honey-Baked Ham, but there are at least three starches now, plus homemade cranberry sauce, plus green bean casserole, plus I don’t know what else. I made pie that we are taking to a neighbor’s dessert party.

    The adventure is that the dessert party is at 4, so we are going there first and then having dinner afterwards. Weird!


  2. Happy Thanksgiving!

    We had a nuclear family Thanksgiving at home and now the rest of the family is trying to figure out how to make a Star Trek targ, as that’s apparently what the kids want for Christmas.


  3. My sister in Rockland County did Thanksgiving for 21–oops, 25! We showed up!–this year. She has a 4 year old, a 6 year old, and a huge German Shepard, and somehow made it work. I am in awe. However, there were casualties: 1, a glass table shattered when something hot was put on it, 2. the kitchen sink was almost irreparably clogged.

    Yesterday I got to see the famous Hicksville Santa Claus ride by on the fire truck, as he does every Sunday after Halloween. (My mom moved to Hicksville this summer.) Now I am back in boring SE Mass.


  4. Happy Thanksgiving! As in years past, we used the Thanksgiving and apple pie recipes from Cook’s magazine, but this year we used the carving method recommended by the New York Times. It was a marked improvement. My wife commented, “This is the first piece of genuine enlightenment we have received from the Times in decades.”


    1. Jeez, I thought Tierney and Wade were very good and yes enlightening, and Bittman too before he shifted from helpful cooking coach to hectoring scold. ; So my view would be “in years” but not “in decades”.


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