SL 663

I have exactly 30 seconds to spit out a few links. I want to retreat to a coffee shop for an hour before Ian gets back from camp. I’m not really working for the next six weeks, but I sorta want to finish off a couple of lighter pieces.

Yesterday, I spent an hour reading through the New York Magazine article on Cosby, and checking out the accompanying interviews. Very powerful work. Top notch journalism. This was the best article that I’ve read in months.


Check out Manute Bol’s son.

The University of Pennsylvania girl who committed suicide last year was a local. It touched home for many of us, not just because she grew up about 10 minutes from my house. We all know about the pressure cooker of perfection.


One thought on “SL 663

  1. What a terrible story about that Penn girl. We’ve always tried to be forthright with our daughter about how we aren’t perfect, e.g., both my wife and I flunked out of college. (Of course, this doesn’t work if you are perfect.) And I’ve tried not to let my daughter think that she is my life, so she can fail without feeling too much pressure. However, I don’t know how much suicidal feelings and actions really come from parents or other external circumstances, and how much they come from within.

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