SL 662

This New York Times article on the new David Foster Wallace movie triggered an afternoon-long binge reading fest of old articles about DFW.

What is the fastest that humans can run?

Good news. The cool kid in middle school who mocked your clothes is totally fucked as an adult.

Tonight’s reading. 

Cool, new items from the IKEA catalog. I have one of their new wicker hanging lamps over my kitchen table.

2 thoughts on “SL 662

  1. The bit about too-early-cool kids reads like a confirmation of geek bias that I’m strangely suspicious. I mean, I know that I always felt this was the case so surely there’s a catch?

    I love those Ikea pieces. That last green chair is calling my name. . . .


  2. Middle kid finally got his room done up this summer–we’d been mostly coasting on the furniture he had when we moved to Texas 8 years ago, which was of the wire cube/toddler shelf/used particle board nightstand ilk. He’s 10 now and he got his first real bed this spring (the previous bed had been two 18-year-old mattresses flat on the floor). It’s an IKEA black brown Malm with drawers underneath. A week or so ago we made the pilgrimage to IKEA and got him a simple Micke desk, some Kallax cubes, and a tall Hemnes dresser, all in the IKEA black brown. The Hemnes is pretty traditional while the other pieces are modern, but the color makes it coordinate. The desk, cubes, dresser and a desk lamp came in at about $370. Yay, IKEA!

    The room is painted robin’s egg blue (kid’s choice) and he also has a Pier 1 papasan with a fuzzy chocolate brown cushion for reading. (I highly recommend papasans for kids’ rooms.) There’s a smallish castle photo mural on the wall and a set of homemade ornamental swords and my husband’s coat of arms on the wall, plus a big cork board.

    I’m very happy with it. A friend came over to admire it and she says it’s a real man cave.


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