What do you do when you finish off a big project? A project that turned out to a bigger headache than planned? And it’s too early to start drinking?

Right now, I’m blasting music and cooking. I’m making chicken broth using the frozen remains of roterissie chickens, carrots, celery, onions and parsley. I’ve got a surplus of basil, so I’m throwing it all in the food processer with olive oil and then freezing it in ice cube trays. I’m making a grocery list for Sunday’s party for my cousin and his new bride. 19 hungry people require much food.

Summer was interrupted for two weeks. It’s good to back.


16 thoughts on “Rewards

  1. When collapse is not an option, cooking is a good one. Also cleaning! Enjoy the fruits of your labour and a chance to connect with relatives.


  2. My big project was to clean the gerbil cages. (They violently declanned, so now I have 4 gerbils in 3 cages.) (Note, they’re over 3 years old, so they won’t live beyond when my patience for this runs out.) I’ve finished that and am now celebrating by … surfing the net. Woo.


  3. I also cook for relaxation. Sometimes I make sourdough bread or English muffins (purchasing a sourdough starter is a guaranteed way to put on 10 pounds and never take it off, by the way). Today I spent an hour in the morning picking vegetables at my CSA, spent most of the day organizing files, and then spent two hours helping to unload $4500 worth of food from Aldi for the local food pantry. I am not used to physical labor. But tonight I have book club, so that will be great. I recommend the book, All the Light We Cannot See. (Not for relaxation, exactly, but worth reading.)


  4. Since my doctor insists I cut back on running (my main form of stress release), I just bought a hot tub. Ahhhh. I suspect it will lead to more drinking.

    Are you pressure canning the broth?


  5. Sometimes I bake, but usually I go to the library. Also, depending on the size of the project, one or more special rules can be invoked to accelerate the hour at which drinking is permitted.


  6. And the project is suddenly not. done. yet. Argggggg. Funny, but drinking seems like the appropriate response to this news, too.


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