SL 659

Fascinating story of Clarence King, who was a renown white scientist by day and a black porter in Brooklyn with five kids by night.

Reformers say that it’s cruel to keep smart and social elephants in zoos.

Misty Copeland is pretty amazing.

Hold the presses! The Playboy mansion is dirty, and if you hang out with Hef, he kinda expects that you’ll sleep with him. Who knew?

Jason Schwartzman and Adam Scott on a playdate in New York City.

3 thoughts on “SL 659

  1. I’m open to the idea that elephants shouldn’t be kept in small zoos, but there’s a lot of arbitrary cuteness and anthropomorphic rules being applied to determining the “smartness” of animals as a criterion for how we treat them. There’s really no good reason to separate the smartness of elephants from other herd animals (like cows, which we eat, and horses, which we keep as pets and train to ride).


  2. Just this past weekend, I was in the national zoo. I don’t know about the elephants, but the pandas just sat there eating bamboo.


  3. But they’re thinking deep existential thoughts. The elephants are just planning practical jokes.


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