Do Stories about Depression Make Us Depressed?

I’m officially boycotting TV coverage of the death of Robin Williams. I cannot hear anymore sad stories about depressed people, because it is massively bumming me out. I think we all need to be more aware about depression and be more open to talking about it. I really loved the guy and am terribly sad that he’s gone. But enough, already. No more sad montage videos.

I’m taking Jonah out to see Guardians of the Galaxy.

One thought on “Do Stories about Depression Make Us Depressed?

  1. Wasn’t this the take home of the Facebook experiment — that sad stories make us sad? Unfortunately, I don’t think that means that we can just all avoid sad stories (though I am more inclined to do so than I should be).

    24/7 focus on something bad and sad that happened has got to be a bad thing, though, and electronic media exacerbates the probability that we’ll get into complete focus on the darkness (and, I think, can have a particularly bad effect on those who are already depressed, or tend to depressive personalities).


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