Beach Update

I’m trying to blog on an old iPad in a beach house. Let’s see if this works…

Love this article about the twisted Russian media narratives about the Malaysian plane.

This David Carr article about the print media dinosaur is pretty excellent.

In other news, we made a rock-star paella on the grill last night. We all have little patches of sunburn on our shoulders and backs due to sloppy sunscreen application. And now I’m going to join some sandy, sticky children at the beach.


5 thoughts on “Beach Update

  1. I was talking with 3 Chinese students and a South Korean student yesterday about MH17 and it ends up the Chinese media narratives are pretty much the same as the American ones, according to one of the students. That surprised me, to be honest. (Am open to evidence showing the opposite–it was just one student who made that point. He and I were telling the other students, who were pretty much unaware, about it.)

    1. Would be interesting, if true, suggesting that the Chinese & South Koreans are either not in this geopolitic, or are actually opposed to Russia. Russia shot down a KAL flight, in 1983 (they argue because it was in the wrong space over the Soviet Union), so this incident may be off special significance for them.

      (The other commercial airline flight that appears in this category is Iran Air 655, which was shot down by a missile by the US in 1988, apparently over a mis-identification of the flight as an F-14).

  2. Interesting. We’ve been watching Al Jazeera lately in our house to see how they’re covering the crisis in Israel and Gaza. It seems, at least in the US and Europe, that the availability of multiple narratives for the same event makes it much harder for a government that is trying to frame an event according to its own interests. But I guess there are still a lot of people in Russia who only speak Russian and therefore are dependent on sources like Russia Today. (I’ve also downloaded their media app in English and have been watching how they are covering events in Ukraine, compared to other outlets like CNN.) Thinking there is an interesting project in here somewhere for my grad students, but haven’t come up with it yet.

  3. How do you do paella on the grill? Are you doing the components and then assembling or using a paella pan on the grill?

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