Cavemen Drank Coronas, Right?


You know you’re in trouble when you whine to friends, “oh, I’ve gained so much weight.” And nobody says, “Oh, no, Laura. You’re as skinny as ever!” Pooh. I need new friends who don’t remember that I used to weigh 110 pounds. In the meantime, I’m on a caveman diet. A caveman diet with beer.


9 thoughts on “Cavemen Drank Coronas, Right?

  1. What exactly is that spiraled meat in the background? Some sort of long, skinny sausage? I consider myself something of a sausage expert and I’ve never seen such a thing.

  2. Well, I assume that good beer hadn’t been invented during cave-man times, so maybe yes to Corona.
    (I’m joking in part. On a hot day and with the right food, a cold Corona, especially w/ a lime in a salted, cold mug, can be just what you need. Whether it was the right beer for that meal I can’t say.)

    And, the sausage seems normal enough to me. I’ve bought lamb sausages at the farmer’s market that are in spiral shape, and like that in the Italian Market in Philadelphia, too. (It has been suggested to me that if you want to grill one like that, putting two long skewers through the whole thing, cross-wise, allows you to turn it over easily, but I’ve never tried that myself.)

    1. I can’t eat lettuce without dressing, regardless of what else there is. That dressing you have there is our holiday dressing. I don’t know why, but we always have it on holidays.

  3. I thought “paleo” diets were supposed to be heavier on meat that what is pictured here.

    For myself, I believe that I have found the secret to weight control in twice-a-week Tabata intervals, which speed up the metabolism without causing a corresponding increase in appetite (at least that’s my theory). YMMV.

    The only problem is that Tabata intervals are sheer pain: you never get any sort of “runner’s high”; you are not in a group; you can’t read or watch TV, etc.

  4. We’re doing much the same. I make my own sausages as I don’t trust my supermarket’s. I work a LOT more at this diet than I did with anything ever before. Making cauliflower rice without a food processor is a special kind of suffering.

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