Date Night Attire

Alright, let’s be girlie for a moment. Let’s talk about the date night outfit. I have a formula for date night outfits. Yes, I can even turn a date night into a geeky formula. Don’t mock me.

What’s the formula, you ask? Well, it depends on the season. In the winter, it’s frilly, loose blouse, skinny jeans, boots, and one big piece of jewelry. In the summer, it’s frilly, loose blouse, cotton mini, wedge heels, and one big piece of jewelry.

I’m kinda loving this blouse at the Banana. This one is good, too. J. Crew always has good frilly blouses that quickly go for half-off on the clearance rack.

Nothing kills the fun on a date night faster than a blister. So, you have merge cute with functional in a shoe. These Naturalizers aren’t bad. I have Clarks Women’s Seta Purr Wedge Sandal, and they held up pretty well last summer. I do love a fun espardrille.

And then there’s the big fun jewelry. Go cheap, people. Go flashy.



4 thoughts on “Date Night Attire

  1. in the summer, I adore my Coldwater Creek flared skirts in a flashy print, usually worn with a solid-colour top and big, flashy earrings. Unless it’s pouring, I opt for sandals for footwear. I have a pair of strappy, low-heeled Rockports that stand up to anything. When they fall apart? I might cry.

    In the cold season (i.e. the seven months of winter we experience), it’s either jeans or black dress pants, a print top or flashy sweater, more flashy jewelry and high-heeled boots.

  2. I’ve never been able to beat Born sandals for comfort. I have a pair that have a high enough heel that they really should not be comfortable, but I can walk in them all day. I was just considering the Born Salima sandals at Amazon. Super cute and in a variety of colors. The pink seems frivolous, but I may still have to have them.

    And the Horny Toad Rosemarie is my go-to date night dress. Actually, it’s kind of my all the time dress. Three quarter sleeve version with a sweater in cold weather and the short sleeve version all summer. I have both sleeve lengths in an embarrassing number of colors.

    Of course, I live in Maine, so things are bit more laid back here. Had a college acquaintance who lives in NYC ask me last summer, “Do you own anything that isn’t stretchy?”

    Happy weekend!

  3. Since I’m probably approaching an age where this won’t be appropriate, I’m trying to make the most of my ability to wear short shorts. I love JCrew’s 3″ city shorts, and I wear them on ‘date night’ either with a loose blouse and dangly earrings, or a fitted T-shirt and a chunky necklace. I almost always wear them with wedges, or sometimes nude heels for a slightly more ridiculous/sexy look. In colder weather, I still love wearing skinny jeans or even jeggings tucked into knee high boots (I’m shifted about 6 years behind with fashion trends), with a blouse, turtleneck sweater, or blazer on top. Also dangly earrings. If it’s a date somewhere actually fancy (rare), I’ll probably wear a dress and heels. I’m a big subscriber to the rule that you can have one revealing/tight part per outfit, and the rest has to be more modest. I also like the look of a turtleneck with short shorts, but I recognize that’s heading into looking ridiculous.

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