Job Loss, Finally Explaining the Elephant in the Room

Last fall, I made a few references to the fact that our family was dealing with some bad news. The bad news was that my husband was downsized from his company, along with a lot of other people. I think I'll write a couple of blog posts about it today, in between preparing for a kiddie birthday party. I'll have a house full of waif-ish, random, adorable autistic kids at five today. 

First of all, let me just say that our story isn't that bad. My husband was only unemployed for six weeks. In this economy, our situation wasn't that horrible. Other people have it a lot, lot worse. It did give me a glimpse of the struggles that others are facing. 

Secondly, I can't talk specifics for obvious reasons. I'll only write about the impact on our family and how we dealt with money issues.