Keeping the Lights on at City Halls and Schools: Inflation is a wrecking ball on local finances

My friends think I’m crazy, because I find school board and town council meetings highly entertaining with their intense battles over parking meters and reading curriculum. During our meet-ups for happy hour at the local pub, the girlies will even tolerate a short explanation of the subtext in some recent debate, but at the end of the day, they still think I’m crazy. They keep me around because I can switch gears and also talk about kids and vacations and the best way to make turkey chili. 

Unusual as it may be, attending these meetings are a window onto a world that so many miss. Other political junkies focus on DC, where major issues like abortion and student loans programs are at stake. But it’s at the local level where so much of our day-to-day lives are decided, everything from the recyclable pick-up schedule to the reading books in your daughter’s first grade classroom. Once you buy a house and have kids, those decisions might matter even more than the big issues debated in DC.

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