Kids Belong To The Community

Melissa Harris-Perry's promotion TV spot is still getting lots of attention and push-back. Harris-Perry said that we haven't invested enough in education, because Americans view children as a private responsibility. Instead, the entire community should embrace the responsibility of raising children. 

I happen to agree with her, so I really liked the ad. 



Push-back is coming from people who fear the stupidity of the state. A sensible counter-point comes from Conor Friedersdorf

A couple of years ago, Ian drew a cartoon of himself and Jonah wrestling. A profoundly stupid teacher thought that this cartoon showed Jonah abusing Ian. Meetings and lawyers. So, I am not unsympathetic to Friedersdorf. 

But Harris-Perry isn't advocating for expanding the state's role in parenting. She's saying that the community needs to invest in kids by providing them with good schools and other opportunities. 

2 thoughts on “Kids Belong To The Community

  1. Rush is having a hay day with this. I popped over there yesterday because I was sleepy in the afternoon and needed to raise my blood pressure.


  2. I think there’s a false dichotomy here between Harris-Perry’s overbroad generalizations which left out the analysis needed to support those bold assertions, and Friedersdorf’s eloquent push back, which I found much more persuasive. And I say that as a foster parent myself – I wish every child were wanted and that every parent could take primary responsibility for their child.
    The idea has been done to death in economics but I’m reminded of it now: the tragedy of the commons. Things tend to go to crap when they are collectively owned. Extrapolating that to parenting, and I fail to see how making children a shared resource/burden would be any improvement upon the status quo.


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