Spreadin’ Love 586

"This could be the most hated book of the year."

Photo-realistic pencil drawings. 

I need to see the Avengers this weekend. 

I am working very hard to spend less time sitting at this damn computer. 

"What, then, would you say is the source of most of your work?" Dorothy Parker: "Need of money, dear."

Check out Chloe Sevigny's apartment.  Also Zach Braff's pad. 

I need to go to the Spotted Pig. Check out a photo essay following the chef, April Bloomfield. 


5 thoughts on “Spreadin’ Love 586

  1. At first I read the last link too quickly as “I need a spotted pig”, and I thought, “hmm, probably not, really”. I’ll say that their web page is much better than most restaurants, which tend to have truly awful web pages. (If I can find address, phone number, hours, and links to a menu easily, it’s already well above average.)
    But, when I read this:
    What is your corkage fee?
    Presently, we ask that customers don’t bring their own wines. We have a wonderful wine list and a full bar.

    It makes me want to bring my own wine, and then say that I’m sorry it’s going to disappoint them, but if they wanted to prohibit it, they should say so, and not merely ask me. I sometimes don’t do what I’m asked, especially as my own wine choices are usually better than most restaurants.

  2. Zach’s apartment strikes me as that deadly combo of lots of money, free hand of a designer and not a lot of taste. Just my opinion…

  3. Thank you for sharing the article by Romney’s partner, the rich guy, as well as the one on not sitting at your computer. I really appreciate all the great links you find — since you’re often reading about the same things that I’m interested in! Love the blog.

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