Dogwood Branches and Puzzle


Trying to amuse kids who are home for a school vacation. I'm running out of tricks. Help. 


3 thoughts on “Dogwood Branches and Puzzle

  1. I love dogwood branches (ours aren’t booming yet), but don’t know how to amuse pretweenish/tweenish boys. Ask them to weed the garden? Make it seem fun, like Tom Sawyer? Bake bread? Gather all their legos and have them sort them?

  2. Ban all and everything electronic. We did it for Lent; it made our kids completely crazy for a day or two and then incredibly creative in their play. Stupid Easter. I think we’ll fake Lent until Christmas or something. I loved the calm it brought to our house.
    Love the dogwoods. We don’t have them in Europe. We had a dogwood in our backyard in New Haven. Fun times.

  3. I utilized “The Incredible Disappearing Kids” trick. Nothing up my sleeves and — abra cadabra — the kids are at their grandparent’s house for the weekend.

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