Spreadin’ Love 580

Penelope Trunk says that you should leave your PhD off your resume when applying for a real job. 

You have to hide your PhD like a prison sentence, if you are starting a new career entirely and  need to start at the bottom. If they ask you what you were doing for eight years, tell them that you were drunk. If you're going into secondary education, it's tricky. You'll make more money with the PhD credential, but maybe too much. You might not get hired for that reason. 

Online college education. Things are changing so quickly right now that traditional colleges have no way of catching up. SLACs are worried.

Black, White and Grey is a great documentary of photography and the art scene in the 80s. Too bad everyone is dead. Except for Patti Smith, who will outlive the cockroaches. 

A new proposal for dealing with student loan debt.



4 thoughts on “Spreadin’ Love 580

  1. Re the California student debt proposal linked to through the Andrew Sullivan blog:
    Look at this proposal from the point of view of the college or lender – the return on the loan to the student cannot be easily calculated. Also, the twenty year limit and the fact that future payments need to be discounted (time value of money) makes it highly likely that the college will take a bath on the investment.
    I’m not going to opine on whether this idea constitutes debt peonage.

  2. As a general rule the PhD is not very well respected in most places. Africa is an exception. Here it qualifies you to sit with actual royalty. But, if you are not planning to move to Africa then a PhD for many people is probably a bad investment in time and effort.

  3. Yeah, I’m not a fan of that student loan debt solution either. I’m collecting all the proposals floating around and putting together some ideas of my own.

  4. If you allow bankruptcy discharge – or declare a Jubilee! – you ensure that no one will lend to a student ever again. We had a fair number of perennial students when I was at Berkeley, and tuition was $212.75 per quarter, that wasn’t fair to the burger flippers of Stockton who were paying the bills. What SLACs are doing really does seem to cost $40-50 thousand a year (though I suspect they could pay their presidents a fraction of current rates, and cut back on diversity coordinators a bit).
    I think you maybe don’t do as many classes with the one teacher/20 students model, and maybe you have student debt dischargeable after the Jubilee standard seven years, with some permanent ability to garnish wages over the median after that if there is a discharge? Somehow the message has to get through to the kids that this debt is not just going to painlessly evaporate, as it did for their parents.

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