Broadway Boogie Woogie

Last Saturday, we finally went to see the Book of Mormon. We bought these tickets back in July, because they were the earliest available weekend seats. The kids were dumped at my parents, and we drove off into the sunset into Manhattan. 


The sunsets over New Jersey are aways stunning. It's because our pollution makes them good. 




Ah, New York City. We're always plotting our move back. The suburbs are getting on my nerves right now. Bor-ing! 


So, we parked in Times Square and walked around for a bit. There's my cutie pie hubby. 


Sometimes I pout that he gets to work here everyday, while I'm stuck in Jersey. He rolls his eyes at me. Which is the correct response. 


Then we managed to have a perfectly awful meal. It's really hard to have a bad meal in the city, but we did it. We were lazy and let ourselves get sucked into one of the tourist restaurants on the side streets. If you are going to the theater in the city, you have to walk half a block down to 9th Avenue. Otherwise, be bettered for crap. 

The Book of Mormon was killer funny. It managed to poke fun of religion, while being very affectionate to religious people. It had a Mel Brooks for the Facebook crowd flavor. Big thumbs up. 


7 thoughts on “Broadway Boogie Woogie

  1. Oh, it’s really easy to have a bad meal in New York city. (Especially near times square, but other places, too.) It’s just full of everything, so it’s got a lot of good places, but a lot of bad ones, too.

  2. Finding a decent meal in the theater district requires days of advanced planning.
    Re Book of Mormon: count my husband and me as underwhelmed (we saw it Labor Day weekend). Sure, the music and acting were very good. “Hello” and “Spooky Mormon Hell Dream” were absolutely amazing numbers. But it ultimately felt kind of empty to us. I think that in the end, I always need someone to root for, but I couldn’t root for a single character or even idea.

  3. It’s such a shame to have a bad meal in NYC! When I was there last November I arrived on the night of US Thanksgiving and not much was open but for overpriced substandard tourist restaurants. Overpaid for mushy pasta…made up for it in the next five days though!

  4. My only real trip to NYC, I was working as my husband’s ground crew for his job interviews at the American Philosophical Association to make sure his clothes and general appearance looked OK. I was planning to have a big NYC adventure while he was at the conference, go to Brighton Beach, have some fun, etc. What happened, instead, was that our first night in NYC, I ate shrimp at a Thai restaurant and then spent most of the rest of the visit suffering in our hotel room. (I did manage to see Times Square and hit The Strand, though.) On what was supposed to be our last day, we had tickets from a relative to see Copenhagen, which is about Niels Bohr and his interactions with a German colleague (a relative thought we would like it).
    It’s a three-person play with no scenery and is supposed to be deep. So boring and pretentious! Meanwhile, a blizzard was starting. Our flights were cancelled and we had to get a hotel room at a non-conference rate, which turned out to be around $400 for the night. (On reflection, we should have tried to get a bus out.) It was very pretty, though.

  5. Amy — I once had to give an afterperformance talk about science and democracy after a performance of Copenhagen. In order to do the talk I first sat through the movie (which is true to the play) then through the play. I was more boring than the play. I sympathise with your nightmare.
    Laura, getting out without the kids is essential, and you should do it more.
    Wicked was great!

  6. The staging of Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus was clever. I recommend it if you ever have a small child and a spouse who wants the child exposed to the arts.

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