Spreadin’ Love 563

Turning old books into sculpture

A baby bat learns to fly. Waaaah. So sweet. (Thanks, lmc!) 

Check out this great slide show of reimagining vintage furniture. I'm picking up my buddy Suze from the busstop in an hour, and we're going to an estate sale. I heart junk. 

According to the New York Times, "A Pew Research Center poll this week found that the antipiracy legislation was the most closely followed news topic among Americans under the age of 30; even news of the presidential elections failed to get as much attention in this age group."

My brain blew out yesterday by the huge response to the JSTOR blog post that I wrote for the Atlantic. I spent too much time answering e-mails and tweets and I had to give myself a time-out to recover. I'm just catching up on my media diet for an hour before hitting the estate sales and then plotting my next bomb. 


I'm geeking out over the latest Human Development Index.  1. Norway, 2. Australia, 3. Netherlands. 4. United States. … 75. Georgia…. 184. Mozambique 185. Burundi 186. Nige 187. Congo.


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