Let Them Eat Their Own


Newt Gingrich isn't going down without a fight. A fight that's going to threatening the weird alliance between social conservatives, libertarians, and country club Republicans. My, my. Newt does make things interesting. 

Here's the link to the King of Bain. Commentary from Huff Post

Meanwhile, Obama just amassed $42 million in campaign funds in the last quarter. The gossip is that Romney will win the nomination, but this process is going to trash him so badly that he's going to be the next Kerry. Last year, they were saying that Obama was the next Carter. With 66% of the population thinking that there is too big of gap between rich and poor, this attack ad hits home. 

When Steve watched the opening still of the ad, he immediately thought one of the women in the ad looked like his aunt. That's when he thought that Romney was sunk. The "Every Aunt" will haunt Romeny until Election Day. 


4 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Their Own

  1. I think elections tend to be too sui generis for anyone to ever become the “next Carter” or the “next Kerry” or the “next Dole.” — except by accident.
    The only thing I’m pretty sure of is that in 4 or 8 or 12 years, somebody is going to get referred to as the “next Romney.” I just don’t know if that will be because he succeeded or because he failed.
    If Obama wins, I think I’ll start calling him “the next James Monroe,” since that was the last time 3 presidents in a row all served two full terms. If Romney wins, maybe I’ll start calling him “the next Mitt Romney,” in the hopes that it would start a positive feedback loop and he’d explode.

  2. I wonder if the absurdly front-loaded primary schedule won’t lessen the impact. November is a long way away and everybody seems to be paying much less attention.

  3. Well and weren’t they saying the same thing about the Obama Clinton battle?
    I really don’t like any of them, I think, personally though it’s hard to say when you don’t like their politics. Note that I never liked Clinton or Gore either. Obama and Kerry seem OK.
    I heard Huntsman on the radio and kind of liked him.

  4. Well and weren’t they saying the same thing about the Obama Clinton battle?
    True, but they had it easier. They weren’t facing an incumbent and the economy was collapsing in real time.

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