Gift Guide 2011 #5: Baubles and Bling

As I watched The Kids Are Alright last week, I noticed that I’ve started dressing a lot like Julianne Moore’s character. Lots of T-shirts, jeans, boots, and big bracelets. That’s okay. I’m good with looking like a hot, middle-aged lesbian.

I’ve been stacking bracelets lately: a Pandora bracelet, a homemade bracelet from a friend (see similar items on Etsy), an anniversary present, and a thrift store find. All with pink and green beads. I like this necklace from J. Crew with the pale pink beads. My date night earrings of choice are hoops from Stella and Dot. I like to arrange the jewelry that is in high rotation on little plates or bowls that I find at Anthropologie. IKEA has cute bowls that would be great for jewelry display.

Thanks so much for shopping from the Amazon links on this blog.

One thought on “Gift Guide 2011 #5: Baubles and Bling

  1. Throw on a good bag and you are set. Or a sweater from Anthropologie!
    I love bags – not so big into fancy jewellry (similar tastes to you) but I love a variety of leather bags.


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