Gift Guide 2011 #4: Fireplace Edition


Behind the kitchen and the dining room, we have a TV room. It was probably once a porch that the former owners closed in. When we bought the house, our real estate agent in her never-quite-left-the-Bronx accent told us, "Laura, you'll take out the stove and put in a sectional sofa on that back wall. And then paint everything white."

We are going to paint the room white next week (and get proper chairs), but the stove is staying. My husband the Eagle Scout is having way too much fun building fires. We also have a fireplace in the living room, so we're in fire heaven. After Halloween's freak storm, Steve ran around the neighborhood stealing branches off the neighbors' yards. 

Showing you where our priorities are, our first purchases for the new house were equipment for the living room fireplace: Crate and Barrel's Fireplace Screen and tool set. On a whim, we also got a fireplace candleabra, which actually sits in the middle of our large picture window. Some nights, I light the candles, so Steve can see our house on his walk home from the bus stop. 

After reading this article about a Finnish house full of wood burning fireplaces, Steve and I are now in love with Jotul stoves. Maybe next year. We need more equipment, like a storage bin and a log tote

Along with the light coming from the fireplaces, we love decorating with lots of candles and string lights and paper lanterns for the holidays. You'll be able to see our house from space. 

4 thoughts on “Gift Guide 2011 #4: Fireplace Edition

  1. We suffer from inversions in the winter and constantly have burn bans, so a gas fireplace is so much more practical around here. I really miss a real fireplace withe crackling logs.


  2. I grew up with Jotul wood stoves (of the more traditional design) with an embossed lion. It is very nice to have cooking and heating facilities even during lengthy winter power outages.


  3. We have one of the new stoves with a secondary combustion chamber for cleaner smoke – have run it enough to see a downward trend on the heat bill. Very happy with it.


  4. Oh I miss my woodstove! In this 100 year old rental it would probably be the only way the downstairs would ever feel warm, but alas there is no chimney and even if there were I doubt the landlady would allow it.
    Jotul stoves are excellent and so are Vermont Castings- my parents have run one as their primary heat for 30 years.


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