Gift Guide 2011 #2: On My Desk


My desk is the control center of the house. It must be organized and full of happy stuff, like pictures of my kids and gadgets. Here are some gift ideas:

  1.  Rolodex Envelope Pink Ribbon Card Case (With my green and white business cards, I'm in prep school heaven.)
  2. I'm not happy with my iPad case. It's a boring Target model. Etsy has some cute ones. Check out the elephants! Maybe it's better to go with a pink model to match the cardcase. Or olive green with bubbles with bubbles. 
  3. Tech girl needs to go old school sometimes with an excellent pen and a notebook. A Moleskine Ruled Notebook Pocket is cute. I love these pens, but the kids keep stealing them. 
  4. My lamp is 70's vintage. I found it in a dumpster outside of an apartment building in New York City. I could be pursuaded to trade it in for a vintage-ish lamp with newer wiring. This green one from Crate and Barrel is lovely. 
  5. Nice mouse pads are surprisingly hard to find. They are either tacky or boring. This faux-leather one is from IKEA. Amazon has a real leather one

3 thoughts on “Gift Guide 2011 #2: On My Desk

  1. I like the pens and added them to my shopping cart, from your link. I hope you get credit. I also like gel pens.
    I hide pens so that my kids won’t steal them from me. I’ve also found that staedler pens should be stored horizontally to get maximum use (I’ve used them for years and years and years, though previously only in blue & black).


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