Girlie Friday

It's been a girlie sort of day. Haircut, nails, hair ripping. The two Korean women who ran the nail shop  raced to keep up with the customers. It's sandals and swim club weather! The salon is called "It's Nail," but they were kind enough to do all my nails.  

Tomorrow, I'll be visiting friends on Long Island. I'm in charge of the tortellini salad and the daiquiris. At this moment, I'm surfing around looking for the best daiquiri recipe. This mango one by Ina Garten looks good. Oooh grapefruit!

I'm reorganizing my closet and bringing down the summer clothes from the attic. I was happy to see my LL Bean skirts that I bought on sale at the end of last summer. They are so kitschy! 



I have returned to LL Bean, which I haven't used since the year of the Preppy Handbook. There's the kitschy skirts and they have excellent t-shirts in a thick cotton. They have a boyish cut, which looks good if you wear a lot of bracelets. I just bought new shirts in black and in white. 

haircut …  

Photo on 2011-05-27 at 14.09 #5


5 thoughts on “Girlie Friday

  1. So that’s the nerve centre of 11d with the Tivoli radio.
    Haircut looks great! Huzzah to all the Americans and Memorial Day weekend…

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