Fire In My Belly

Sarah-Palin-007-1 It looks like Palin is in. She has a new puffy documentary that likens her to Joan of Arc, and a home in Arizona. 

My first instinct was a hearty laugh. She can't win and she will suck the steam out of serious candidates. It will also lead to more Tina Fey skits on SNL. Win, Win. 

But others are more worried. 

From Andrew Sullivan, "In this poll, it's a Palin-Romney race. Which would make the primary battle a struggle between the clueless and the shameless." 

Question of the Day: Happy, Amused or Worried? 


21 thoughts on “Fire In My Belly

  1. Disgusted. Makes me want to give up my membership in the Republican. Unfortunately, not a big fan of the Democratic candidate either.

  2. Amused. Sarah Palin is in a category with Dan Quayle, Joe Biden and many others: people who are NOT going to be president.
    Andrew Sullivan manages to be both clueless and shameless all in one person. Maybe he should run.

  3. Dr. M. is probably right. At the very least, I find it more likely that Sullivan is going to lose his mind over Palin than it is that Palin will run for president.

  4. likens her to Joan of Arc,
    If this means she gets burnt at the stake at the end, I’m all for it. (Kidding, of course. But I thought the joke had to be made, so am taking that one for the team.)

  5. My son keeps asking about Joan of Arc as there’s a statue of her in the back of our church. I haven’t told him the burning part yet.

  6. A Romney/Palin ticket would be a nightmare for Republicans. Rather than hitting all the bases, I think they would manage to turn off pretty much everyone in the Republican party (and, well pretty much anyone in general). It would be like McCain/Palin but 100x worse, since at least McCain was a fairly well-liked war hero.
    I do hope she runs though, just for the entertainment value. And, because a part of me secretly welcomes the apocalypse, I have a morbid curiosity as to what a Palin-led America would look like. Hopefully I’d be observing it from the other side of the world though.

  7. Oh come on you guys. This is so clearly pulling a trump — politics as a marketing tool. She hasn’t gotten her own media brand really going yet, right? So, feeding speculation is a marketing tool. Running might even be a marketing tool. It’s really hard to imagine that Palin even wants to be president — Wouldn’t she really really rather be Oprah?
    I wonder what the equivalent is on the Democratic side. Kucinich, maybe? With his cross country tour to find a new district? And, Nader, perhaps (though I do actually give him credit for burning desire, but who knows).

  8. On a slightly more substantive level, James Fallows writes,

    …the indispensable trait in a national campaign is discipline. Staying on message, day after day, no matter how tired you are, no matter how provoked, no matter how bored at hearing yourself say the same things time and again. Avoiding errors, avoiding surprises, sticking to the agreed-on and vetted formulations since anything else represents a “shift” and can create problems — all this is what has to be done.

    He’s writing about Gingrich, but it applies at least as much to Palin.

  9. I was thinking, with all this radiation in Japan, that we might get Mothra, but that seems not to have happened.

  10. I haven’t read the book, but was seriously confused by the movie. I’m hoping that the book is as good as people say. Our entertainment standards tend to be pretty low when hunkered down for two weeks of Christmas break.

  11. The movie was seriously confusing and the book isn’t bad. I keep reading them for a while, all of them up to the ones where they brought in the new author, and they got stranger and stranger.

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