Spreadin’ Love 531

Check out the Home Alone house

Two interesting posts at Joanne Jacobs: 47 percent of adults in Detroit are functionally illiterate and Indiana's new voucher law.  

We really need to make a trip here this weekend. 

I showed Jonah this picture and he declared that he wanted to live there. So do I. 


This video is for my husband who used to take the boys to visit the birds in Inwood. 



3 thoughts on “Spreadin’ Love 531

  1. Bronx Botanical Garden is very nice. Have you ever been there? Besides azaleas, they have various pop science exhibits which might interest the boys.

  2. You know, before I buy that house, I totally have to see pictures of the basement first. If that furnace is gone, I ain’t takin’ it…

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