Another Weekend Flies By

Another sleepover party on Friday. You would think I would know better, but nooooo. I let Jonah talk me into another one. Well, the boys were perfectly well behaved. It's the sleep deprivation that's the killer. 

We had a patch of time on Saturday morning that was free, and the boys and I retreated to our various corners of the house to work on our projects. I worked on my latest scheme. Ian drew another comic book. Jonah made stop motion films with his iPhone. (Jonah's efforts are below the fold.)

On Saturday, we let Ian pick the movie and the restaurant for his 9th birthday. If Ian could have the most special birthday in the whole world, he would have the exact replica of his 8th birthday and every birthday before that. His ideal world would be Goundhog's Day, where every day is the same. Since he has begrudgingly accepted that the world does not work that way, we saw Rio in 3D. He had a choice of many fine establishments to dine. He could have chicken fingers and fries at Chili's or chicken finger and fries at TGIF Fridays or chicken fingers and fries at Outback Steakhouse. He decided that the chicken and french fries at Outback Steakhouse were especially fine. 

This morning, the boys were bribed into wearing nice clothes for Palm Sunday. Ian is much better in church than he used to be, but it still isn't his favorite place. Instead of telling people "peace be with you," Ian told them to "rest in peace." A few years back, the priest walked by our pew swinging a large pot of incense. Ian buried his face in his coat and yelled, "Jesus stinks!"  He really isn't a fan of church. 

Imotion Imotion-1 Imotion-3 


5 thoughts on “Another Weekend Flies By

  1. Jonah said that he used the iMotion app. He did this entirely on his own. He figured out which apps to use and filmed everything on his own. He made his own iPhone stabilizer. He made his dad act in one of his films, but other than that, it’s all him. In Edu-lingo that’s called, “self-directed learning.”
    Rio was fun. Not WOW, but fun.

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