In the Park

Yesterday, I took Ian to a local park. He rode his bike around, and I roller bladed. No, he never hooked up the strap on his bike helmet. No judging, please. 


6 thoughts on “In the Park

  1. I am paranoid about head injuries and have a kid who likes wearing gear (helmets are one of his favorite things about biking), so I’m not going to judge.
    But, have you seen these:
    Yakkay bicycle helmets:

    Expensive, but very cool. Now, if they’d only figure out how to fit hair and ponytails in a protective helmet.

  2. Our son really hates the incense also. Also hates staying still for mass. His favorite thing about church is the statue of the “knight” at the back. The problem is that he keeps wanting to know what happened to the knight and that the knight is Joan of Arc.

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