You Want It, Don’t You?

From Curbed


13 thoughts on “You Want It, Don’t You?

  1. That’s scary. Is it for real? a joke? or, potentially, changeable (the royal wedding in April), Christmas trees in December?

  2. We have the Charlie Sheen/Denise Richards fridge. We didn’t get a refund after the divorce, but it really boosted the value of the commemorative appliance. I’m sure they are very happy, but having Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson on our dishwasher isn’t worth much because they just make a new set of that appliance line every season.

  3. MH,
    It’s not the same with just a silhouette. If we’re going to do it, let’s go for one from the posters with Edward and Bella in a clinch. Then the kitchen cabinets can be a foggy grey (with sparkles, if you insist). I’m still thinking about the countertops. Sparkly black granite?

  4. The knitting book looks adorable. I might even get it. The main issue is that my knitting skills aren’t good enough.

  5. At the knitting store by us, if you screw-up in a quickly fixable way, the people in the knitting store will fix it for you if you buy your supplies there and not on Amazon.

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