Hummus and Homework


When Jo gets home from school these days, he's starving. I have to have a full meal waiting for him or else he'll go through half a box of cereal. 


6 thoughts on “Hummus and Homework

  1. Same here! I’ve been having give them fruit or other light snacks and to serve cook dinner way earlier or else they’ll eat sandwiches and other things and not be hungry at dinner time. The 6.5 year old must be going through a growth spurt.

  2. Still haven’t gotten the Raggirls to like hummus. Oddly, though, they’ll all eat anything that they can dip in Thousand Island Salad Dressing.

  3. I remember those days. For the boys, it was more about volume than anything else, so sliced apples & peanut butter and a big bottle of water seemed to do the job.
    I also quit worrying about “ruining their appetites” as long as the snacks were “good for you” foods (as we called them) rather than empty calories.

  4. I forgot. It was also during this episode that I was making a lot of home-made turkey jerky, for the 15-minute school-to-sports commutes. It wasn’t that much work (if you have good knife skills or a slicer) but there was a lot of elapsed time (jerky dehydrating) It was worth it because the kids liked it and ate it. At the time, I was a stay-at-home mom.
    This of course is of no help if your family, or your children, are vegetarian.

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