Martha Stewart’s Laundry Room

IMG_7060 This is Martha Stewart's laundry room. You really should check out the whole slide show. Does it inspire you with awe at one person's mania and perfectionism or does it inspire revulsion?


9 thoughts on “Martha Stewart’s Laundry Room

  1. Look at all that space! It’s bigger than my apartment!
    Ms. Steward, I’ll be happy to put up with any silly laundry rules and methods you have in return for moving into your laundry room.

  2. if you read the captions you realize this “laundry room” is really the technical facility for maintaining museum quality linens, with it’s own staff. I like that it exists, but don’t need one myself.

  3. Did I read this right? Did she really say “Because I am passionate about finely ironed linens”?
    How exactly can you have this laundry room and not be OCD?

  4. If the presence of three identical ironing boards isn’t a tacit admission that she doesn’t do all the work herself, but rather has a staff that does it for/with her, then I don’t know what is.

  5. she writes of the staff in the captions. I don’t think she tries to hide their role. As I commented before, this room, and potentially the whole house is something of a museum to the domestic arts.
    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being passionate about linens if that’s what rocks your boat.

  6. Sad but true, I thought about this more over the weekend. And I’ve decided I believe she just had that “flatwork finisher” installed, and got some sort of break on it by agreeing to mention it in her blog. At which point it all becomes clearer to me.
    That said, I am exceptionally jealous of those splash sinks. They’re absolutely, perfectly to period and stunning. And she has FOUR of them.

  7. Definitely goes to show that that signature “simple” look is a not really simple at all. I often wonder what kind of unusual indulgences I’d give into if I had a practically endless supply of money. But I can guarantee you that would not be it.

  8. In one of her HBO specials years ago the comedienne Judy Tenuta ended a hilarious rant on Martha with the concluding line which captured the heart of Martha’s persona perfectly: “That Nazi Amish Milk-Maid!” LOL

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