January 2011

Dear all —

 Each year, our holiday cards arrive a little bit later as inertia, work, and middle-aged forgetfulness (what did I need to retrieve from the basement again?) stymies our good intentions.  Next year, you should look forward to our update around President’s Day.

As we flip through our photographs to jog our memories of everything that happened this year (again, middle-aged forgetfulness), we see we took two big vacations; one to Florida to visit the Shah/Kerbs clan and to check out Disney, and the other to visit Steve’s folks in North Carolina, with lots of smaller adventures on the drive home.  Travel continues to be a passion for us. In the future, we plan to spend more time and money going places, and less time and money trying to keep our house from falling down.

The boys are growing.  Jonah’s pants are perpetually an inch too short, and Ian can always use another inch off his hair.  Somehow we must squeeze in a trip to Old Navy and Super Cuts next week (better write that down on the calendar).  Jonah and Laura read lots of Percy Jackson books. The basement is drowned in a sea of Lego.  Ian has become a graphic novelist, writing and drawing scores of comic books.  Over break, Jonah taught himself to make stop motion videos with Lego men running away from trains and other dangers.  Together they consumed vast quantities of bagels and cheese sticks and Slurpies.  Dirty soccer cleats were always lying by the front door. 

This year, we also experienced the joys of minor league baseball games in Montclair and Camden, searched for the perfect cheesesteak in Philadelphia, and explored Washington, D.C,  We enjoyed massive shipments of organic vegetables from a local farm.  We learned the proper way to sauté swiss chard and how to make a pumpkin pie out of a real pumpkin.   Steve ate lots of eggplant, picked all sorts of peppers, and made sauerkraut.  We downloaded dozens of apps and the kids played too many games of Plants vs. Zombies.  We’re always trying to find a balance between our weakness for technology and our need to tromp through the woods.  Last spring, we had our first three generational 5K race, with solid runs from Jonah, PopPop, and myself.  We also had many happy reunions with friends and family, including a memorable Miami University reunion for Steve.

Our work-family life is much more in balance, now that Laura has left academia and is transitioning towards a freelance writing career.  While she misses the excitement and the challenge of the classroom, life is much more sane.  Steve continues to commute daily into xxxxxxx and could always use a longer nap on the weekends.

We hope everyone had a restful break with lots of laughter, good food, and cheer.  Our New Year’s resolution is simple this year — more parties, so please drop by our home for a glass of wine and some sauerkraut (or just wine; Steve won’t be offended).  We’ll toss some meat on the grill (even if it’s snowing) and reminisce.  And we’ll put it on the calendar, so we don’t forget.

Lots of love, Laura, Steve, Jonah, and Ian


2 thoughts on “2010

  1. Lovely letter! and even lovelier card! We always want to write the letter, but end up just with the card. Which incidentally I forgot to scan to post this year (I haven’t figured out how to steal from shutterfly to post it online 😦 )

  2. I love holiday letters, too. I don’t send them because I can never write the brief, breezy, summary that I think is appropriate. But I like reading other people’s letters.

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