Sick Leave

This has been a chaotic week compounded by sick children.

Jonah missed three days of school, because of a bad virus. Last night, Ian started puking at around 1:00 am and puked every hour after that. He's buried under a pile of blankets on the sofa right now watching SpongeBob.

As the boys get older and I'm no longer around dirty college students, we don't get sick as often anymore. Still, nursing kids through bad colds and stomach viruses is a basic part of raising children. I want to take this minute to point out how little protections there are for parents in the workplace. From in Institute for Women's Policy Research:

Nearly half of all workers do not have paid sick days, including more than 22 million women. Even fewer have paid sick days policies allowing them to visit the doctor or stay home to care for sick children. Only one in four low-wage workers is provided with this health benefit. For those without paid sick days, short-term health needs can mean missing work and pay, or even being fired.

I need to hydrate Ian slowly and wash a mountain of stinky sheets. I'll be back later when he's stabilized.

4 thoughts on “Sick Leave

  1. My sympathies! We have pretty strong immune systems here and rarely get sick, but E got a cold that developed into bronchiolitis and pneumonia, mainly because my husband forgot we have a kid with asthma and stopped giving him his preventative Flovent. *headdesk* Sunday night we were up every 4 hours nebulizing E, and when I got him to the doctor on Monday, his pulse ox was down to 90. This morning, we were woken by a panicked 11 year old who needed tissues for what seems (according to her description–I’m afraid to enter her bedroom) to be the biggest nosebleed ever. I’m anticipating a bed that looks like a crime scene when I go in there to wash the sheets.
    E was out 3 days over the past 2 weeks, the first two for the original cold, and the last day post-pneumonia diagnosis as we waited for the prednisone to kick in. My husband took all 3 days off as I had a variety of meetings and classes it would have been hard to cancel, mainly because we are on break as of today.


  2. Sympathies. We have been puke free for a number of years (though superstition makes me fear writing that). But I remember those dark nights when you wake up to a puke soaked kid walking into your room, blaring fever. If you’re like me, and have a gag/puke reflex to puke, it’s particular horrible.
    Hope everyone feels better soon.


  3. Best wishes. It is good to get the sick all through your family before Christmas, assuming not being sick isn’t an option.


  4. I hope everyone feels better soon! I remember my mom working in the early 80s with no sick leave at all. She would bring my sister or I to work with her when we were sick and we’d curl up in our PJs under her desk with a blanket and book.


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