The Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Catalog

My Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds catalog came this weekend. This catalog is so awesome that I would have paid for it. I didn't have to. It was free.


I heard about the company earlier in the year from a New York Times article. The company is run by a cute Mennonite family in Missouri. Jere Gettle has been collecting heirloom seeds since he was ten. Jere writes all the copy and takes all the photographs in the catalog.


The catalog is full of information about each variety of pumpkins or squash.


He throws in little quotes from the Bible or Thomas Jefferson.


I'm in awe of anybody who accumulates so much knowledge on one topic. It's compulsive and obsessive, but the end product is gorgeous. He puts Martha Stewart to shame. I can't help but wonder if he's somewhere on the spectrum.


This catalog makes us want to ditch our NYC suburban life and start our own organic farm in upstate New York. Steve could do the dirty work, and I would make big pots of black bean soup for my hippie friends in my restaurant in the converted barn.


Order your catalog here.

8 thoughts on “The Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Catalog

  1. But would your husband wear a shirt like that? I think my wife and I could imagine going for everything here except the shirt.


  2. I’m curious–do they self-describe as Mennonite, or does soem profile identify them so, or what?
    (They don’t look Mennonite to me. I grew up Amish-Mennonite, so I usually will notice.)


  3. where do they get mennonite from?? They wear old fashioned clothes because they have a historic village and 2 seed store athat feature worker that dress that way. That doesn’t make them mennonite, not to mentions amish ad mennonite don’t allow women to have bare arms. BTW I love the catalog, it is so pretty and informative.


  4. We call it “garden porn”–catalogues with pictures of beautiful tomatoes that show up in December/January at our home in the upper Midwest.


  5. I can’t remember where I read that there were Mennonites. Maybe I imagined it. If he’s wearing all those clothes, because he’s into historical garb and not because of religious doctrine, that’s actually a lot funnier.


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