Gift Guide 2010 #2 – Girlie Stuff

  1. Cleopatra: A Life (NYT book Review)
  2. Dishes from Fishs Eddy (Warning: these dishes are HIGHLY addictive. I have their vintage plates, their NYC themed tea cups, blue egg cups, and more.)
  3. J. Crew Knit Trapper Hat (cute, cute, cute)
  4. Pandora beads
  5. TOMS Women's Glitter Slip-On (Pioneer Woman reviewed these shoes. I'm not sure that I really like them, but I have a crush on the guy who runs the company.)






    7 thoughts on “Gift Guide 2010 #2 – Girlie Stuff

    1. Thanks for the reminder to buy Cleopatra! Finally available for my Kobo. And Fishs Eddy IS the devil – too many clever choices. The Pandora beads and the glitter shoes I can pass on – the beads especially are too available. But that hat – very cute…


    2. Very nice, Wendy!
      Yes, Ragtime. I have a whole lot more ideas. Just need time to get to the computer. I’ve wisely added to the x-mas insanity with a series of home repair projects.


    3. I just bought some books at Amazon through your link.
      I’ve ordered the new Twain autobiography. I just started it on Kindle, and it’s amazing. Unfortunately, I guess the publisher won’t have paper copies available until after Christmas.


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