Gift Guide 2010 #1 – Advent Calendars

Jonah has been bugging me for the Lego Advent calendar for years. Maybe I'll be organized enough to get it in time. How many days do I have again?

  1. LEGO City Advent Calendar
  2. Pottery Barn's Burlap Sack Advent Calendar
  3. Fontanini Nativity Set
  4. L. L. Bean's Woodland Advent Calendar
  5. German Chocolate Advent Calendar (These German chocolate calendars were a big part of Steve's Mid-Western childhood, even though his family isn't religious.)

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3 thoughts on “Gift Guide 2010 #1 – Advent Calendars

  1. You may have trouble getting the Lego calendar. My husband tracked one down but said it was hard to find. Me, I hate the Lego calendar; we get it every frickin’ year and my house is littered with Lego detritus that I can’t banish to the basement playroom. But the kids love it.


  2. I had to resort to online – if you have Prime on Amazon, you’ll only be a few days late. Our boys LOVE it. And if your house is anything like ours, there’s Lego crap all over the house already, so that doesn’t bother me so much.


  3. Yeah, I resorted to Amazon yesterday to get the Advent calendar. I went to the mall to find it yesterday and they told it was sold out along the entire Eastern seaboard, except for Disney Lego in Orlando.


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