Drudge Again?

Drudge There's a  low buzz on Twitter about Matt Drudge. Some are saying that he helped nudge the TSA debate into a frenzy state. The Drudge Nudge.

Others are wondering about Drudge's continued attention to Bristol and DWTS. Is he helping to drum up votes for Bumbling Bristol?

I haven't read Drudge in years. His website is basically an RSS feed geared towards conservative press and news of the weird. I could arrange my RSS to produce the same information. He doesn't produce any new content. The design hasn't changed in ten years. It's really a very lame website, yet he was the first. And the Internet is rigged to bless the first, until you have billions of dollars to reconfigure the rules of the game. So, Matt Drudge continues to be popular.

I've seen studies that have tried to determine whether the Internet and blogs influence mainstream media and the policy agenda. It's really a difficult pull apart the causal mechanism, because everything happens so fast these days. The media, bloggers, academics, politicians, and pundits are all on Twitter together, and everybody is talking at the same time. The Boys on the Bus still exists, but the bus has gotten bigger, and it travels at warp speed.


One thought on “Drudge Again?

  1. I’ve never been a Drudge reader, and from what I know of him, he’s not someone I have any respect for. But if he’s part of getting people riled up about the scanners, I’ll send a big “thank you” his way.

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