Does Bristol’s Win Mean Anything For Politics?

Bristol1115_370x278 She won again.

I never watch Dancing With the Stars. Ever.  The schmaltz and the bad dancing make me physically ill. But I watched it the other night and, even more frighteningly, Steve watched it, too. Steve's gag reflexes are so sensitive that he can't watch the Academy Awards, and yet, he ended up watching DWTS. Why? Because we wanted to see how bad Bristol Palin was.

Apparently, she's a horrific dancer. Her scores are terrible every week, but she keeps winning because people love her mother.

Pundits are wondering if Bristol's success is a sign that Sarah Palin has a chance to win a presidential bid. Americans like the Palins so much, they don't care if they suck.


10 thoughts on “Does Bristol’s Win Mean Anything For Politics?

  1. Never seen it. But judging from the picture, I’m guessing they should start scripting the O’Donnell-esque “I’m not a vampire” ad campaign.

  2. No, because it’s sort of an IRV voting system. Bristol will stay on the show, but she isn’t picking up any of the votes from the other people who are dropped. Eventually, she’ll get dropped. See: Sanjaya.

  3. Eh, it mostly suggests to me that as we’d expect, a) the vast majority of Americans are not in the grips of Palin Derangement Syndrome and b) the cute pretty young girl goes far in a reality show. Glancing at the cast list, she seems like the best candidate for anyone under the age of 25 to identify with. S. Palin’s political poll numbers are pretty unfavorable, but it’s a long way to go from not wanting her to be president to having any animus for her daughter.
    Andrew Sullivantitis is a relatively contained disease.

  4. How about instead that Rorsachblotitis is a common affliction.
    We’re talking about a voting system on a TV show that a limited audience watches, and a voting system that’s notoriously easy to prank and that even some of the people who take it seriously take it as seriously as they take entertainment contests in general. I mean, I often have a strong opinion about who should win Top Chef but it’s not exactly the same kind of opinion I have about who should represent me in Congress. Maybe it’s true that those two kinds of judgements are increasingly mushed together but that would be precisely the point: you can win in those system up to a point (as Western Dave says, Sanjaya) and not past that point, if you have a strong consistent backing that isn’t a majority.
    That backing could be anything: people who think Bristol Palin is the daughter of a messiah, people who think it’s hilarious to keep her around, people who just kinda like her cause you know, people who are bored with the others, people who think she IS a great dancer, people who are pranking the people who think she’s the daughter of a messiah. Or people who are waging culture war through blog comments. All of the above, none of the above, and none of it much to conclude much of anything from.

  5. My above comment would have been easier to interpret if you could have heard my voice saying it. So, I’ll clarify. I have a TV but I don’t admit to watching anything that isn’t far more aggressively stupid than DWTS or a documentary.

  6. My younger daughter is a dwts fan. She twitters with the like-minded. She tells me that instructions on how to hack ABC’s voting mechanism have shown up on a number of tea-partyish message boards. ABC’s security is designed to keep honest people honest and is reasonably easy to defeat. Previously no-one has had the motive to defeat it. Now they do.
    The interesting question is ABC’s role. When they cast Bristol Palin, what did they anticipate? Were they fools or knaves?

  7. That Wisconsin thing was in the linked article in the post. I think that shooting shotguns at TVs is fine, especially if you use a break-action, regardless of what is on unless I’m using the Wii. However, as a society, we should probably take a stand against pointing shotguns at spouses.

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